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Order these fine handcrafted, mini-szed publications direct from THE BEETLEBUG EMPORIUM! These small books feature high resolution versions of the online MIGHTY SKULLBOY ARMY comics in a highly portable format. Only $1.00 each, plus shipping & handling. #1 is now SOLD OUT! and is not being reprinted due to the upcoming Strip Search Anthology from Dark Horse Comics. Issue 4 is brand new!

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Issue #
Skullboy meets Chris Giarrusso's G-Man in a backup comic strip featured in Savage Dragon issues #108 and #109! Check your local comic shop for these awesome comics if you want to save on postage. Otherwise you can order them for cover price from the Savage Dragon Store.
This January, Dark Horse Comics is publishing an anthology featuring the Strip Search finalists. The very first Mighty Skullboy Army strip will be included in this 128 page trade.

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