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Due to recent controversy surrounding who had the first stick figure comic, myself or Matt Feazell's Cynicalman, I came across these strips in the Surly Boy Archives. First, a drawing I did when I was a wee lad of five years old, making it circa 1983. As you can see, the artwork in Surly Boy has come a long way. However, I'm surprised I knew what the word surly meant back then. Most likely I was just imitating some grownups.

 Diving even further back into the Surly Boy archives, I found this hidden gem from 1896. I guess Surly Boy runs in the family. What's realy odd about this strip is that my ancester Obedia (Obediah, perhaps?) called it "Old Tyme" Surly Boy, even though it was present day when he drew it. It is a mystery lost to the ages.