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    Greetings, net citizens! I'm your friendly neighborhood THE BEETLE, and this is my webpage.  I could make a pun or something about this being a WEB page and me being a beetle, which is almost the same as being a spider, but that's something that that Spider-Man jerk would do. I know you might be thinking it odd for such a busy crimefighting individual like myself to make a webpage, but I'm devoting a few crays from my mighty crimefighting BEETLECOMPUTER to serve you, the casual net surfer! I have had a few webpages in the past, but those have ended in sad, sad tragedy. I can't bear to talk about it, so don't ask what happened, but you can visit them by going to the links section. Anyway, to make a long story short, if you want to do something right, you gotta do it yourself. I had that embroidered on a little puffy pillow and spent many nights a-staring at it and then I sat up and said, "That's it! I'll make a webpage!" and the rest, as they say, IS HISTORY! the end.

    I made my world debut in 1995 in a small indy film that was critically acclaimed but not widely distributed. WHEN WILL THEY UNDERSTAND TRUE ART! I wrote the script myself and then made the trek to Hollywood, USA to break into showbiz. It was made with a few alterations to my initial concept. I made a page for it here. I learned my lesson about the allure of the glitz and glamour of showbiz and returned to a simple life of crimefighting. Well, crimefighting and amateur professional wrestling.

Hey! You know what? I had my adventures chronicled in a comic once. You can read it, thanks to the magical wonders of today's fine, homespun, internet technology. It's called Shoo, Fly! Also this one, which is new and slow in coming out. It's called The Beetle vs. The Speak and Spell From Hell.
The Beetle vs The Speak and Spell From Hell!The Loyal Order of Coleoptera Awaits!